Individual data collection, both in sows, piglets and fattening pigs is our great strength, together with our flexibility in terms of trial designs, offers a wide range of research possibilities.

Sow herd

The farm has 90 sows. The animals are individually fed and monitored. This gives us the opportunity to engage in feeding research or research into genetics. At birth, all piglets are individually registered with an electronic ear tag so that all information of each animal can be stored.

Piglets and fattening pigs

We have pilot facilities for 360 piglets and 720 fattening pigs. Groups of 360 animals each. The pilot house is practice-oriented and low ammonia emission built. The main focus is feeding research but flexibility to fulfil other research needs is available.

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Ongoing projects

On a pig farm, there is currently still a lot of room for optimisation. A sow farmer selects sows and boars based on fertility and other farrowing house parameters, but almost not on growth and offspring quality. In the...
The drought of recent years has caused great damage to agriculture. Climate models indicate that such periods of drought will become more frequent and more extreme in the future. Increasing the...
Livestock farming, like all agriculture, is heavily dependent on water. It is therefore not surprising that climate change, characterised by, among other things, longer droughts, is also leading to water shortages within the livestock sector,...

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