Without the crops, we cannot feed the cattle and pigs. Therefore, we also conduct thorough research on soil, fertilisation, crop protection, water quality, new crops

Soil & fertilisation

Within the soil and fertilisation projects, we search for the optimal fertilisation on our trial fields, taking into account environmental standards and legal restrictions. Within these standards and restrictions, we try to maximise yields and feed value.
We also investigate soil quality, analysing which techniques can improve soil quality and how to maintain these improvements.

Crop protection

Plant protection products are a tool to protect a crop from weeds, diseases, pests and fungi. This requires knowledge so that a proper approach can be proposed. Always with the current legislative framework in mind. Within this framework, PVL is the research reference in the field of tuber cyperus.

Within these projects, training activities eligible for phyto-licence will be organised regularly.


Water quantity and water quality are increasing in social importance. Therefore, projects that allow water to infiltrate locally by means of a weir, for example, are being used. But also irrigation projects, where the impact on yield is monitored. In addition, the focus is also still on water quality and projects are being implemented to contribute to this issue. PVL is therefore also a member of the B3W consortium.

New crops

When opportunities arise, PVL likes to push for novelties. New or alternative crops are certainly among the possibilities.

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Ongoing projects

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