PVL offers support to agriculture and horticulture farmers by focusing on practice-oriented research within the livestock sector. We deliver innovative solutions and share up-to-date knowledge that is directly applicable to agriculture and horticulture.

Pig farm

The pig farm consists of the sow shed, located at the main farm and the piglet and fattening pig shed located at our second operation. In the sow shed, animals are traditionally housed in a mating, gestation and farrowing area.

The piglet and finisher house is highly research-oriented and offers numerous possibilities in terms of data collection. The piglet department consists of 3 compartments of 12 pens. The fattening pig department consists of 6 compartments of 12 pens.

Cattle farm

The cattle barns are located alongside the sow barn, and are managed in cooperation with the VZW Biotechnicum. The cattle farm consists of separate young stock and dairy barns. The animals are milked with a milking robot.

There are several compartments in the young cattle shed where the animals are divided by age. The young heifer calves receive milk through a drinking machine.

The dairy has a milking robot, which allows automatic recording of all kinds of data. It also offers the opportunity for supplementary feeding at animal level.

Test plots

We also have several trial fields laid out every year. These are usually laid out as part of various projects. More information can be found in the projects tab.


The offices are located in front of the sow shed. You can always come here for necessary information.

If you need information about the G licence, you are also always welcome here.

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