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On a pig farm, there is currently a lot of room for optimisation. A sow farmer selects sows and boars based on fertility and other farrowing house parameters, but almost

Independent advice

As an Agricultural Research and Training Centre, we provide independent advice, in consultation with and tailored to farmers. Our hands-on research supports our ability to include the latest innovations in our advice.

Private research

Are you working on an innovative development in livestock farming and looking for research facilities? PVL is happy to think along with you!

PVL's research focus

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Individual data collection, both in sows, piglets and fattening pigs is our great strength, together with our flexibility in terms of trial designs, offers a wide range of research possibilities.


We have 65 dairy cattle for research and training. The advanced milking robot enables individual feeding and monitoring. The new young cattle shed also offers research opportunities.


Without the crops, we cannot feed the cattle and pigs. Therefore, we also conduct thorough research on soil, fertilisation, crop protection, water quality, new crops

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PVL supports farmers and horticulturists with hands-on research for pig and cattle farming. Our centre of expertise has several components:

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If you want to get your driving licence G through PVL, you need to take driving lessons. We will then also accompany you to the exam centre.


Ongoing projects

On a pig farm, there is currently still a lot of room for optimisation. A sow farmer selects sows and boars based on fertility and other farrowing house parameters, but almost not on growth and offspring quality. In the...
The drought of recent years has caused great damage to agriculture. Climate models indicate that such periods of drought will become more frequent and more extreme in the future. Increasing the...
Flemish and Dutch agriculture is facing several challenges, including declining profitability, growing farm size and high environmental pressure. In addition, a data revolution is taking place internationally towards smarter agriculture where data is generated through...
The river basin management plans aim to achieve good surface and groundwater quality in order, among other things, to also successfully achieve a number of water-related nature goals in Flanders. Improving water quality in the agricultural area has been the last...

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