We have 65 dairy cattle for research and training. The advanced milking robot enables individual feeding and monitoring. The new young cattle shed also offers research opportunities. 

Young cattle

In the young stock house, very accurate data can be collected from the young animals. In this barn, the young stock can be monitored in various areas, such as growth and feed intake. The figures the calf achieves at a young age can later be related to its performance as a dairy cow.


The farm has 65 dairy cattle. The dairy cattle can be used for research. Both periodic trials where periods alternate and control-case experiments are possible by giving the animals a different treatment individually.

Milking robot

In the milking robot, each cow can be monitored individually. The robot is equipped with a weighing scale so that not only milk quality data but also the weight of the animal can be monitored. In this way, the impact of a management measure can be determined in different ways. Individual monitoring also makes it possible to include data from the animal's past history (e.g. as young stock) in an experiment.

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