Driving licence G

A specific driving licence is required to drive agricultural and forestry vehicles and mobile agricultural equipment on public roads: the driving licence valid for category G. The tractor G licence is valid for agricultural or forestry tractors - for 'slow transport' (max. 40km/h) - and their trailers, as well as vehicles registered as agricultural equipment, agricultural motorbikes or mowers.

If such vehicles are not used for agricultural or forestry activities, a driving licence for category B, B+E, C1, C1+E, C or C+E is required, depending on the maximum authorised mass of the vehicle or combination.

Anyone born after 30/09/1982 is legally required to obtain a G licence to drive a tractor on public roads.

The age to take the theoretical exam is 15 years and 9 months. From 16 years of age, the practical exam can also be taken.

IMPORTANT: before starting practical lessons, the candidate must have passed the theoretical exam for the G licence (if you already have a car licence, you have to take the theoretical exam again)

Practice guide exam G driving licence

If you pass the theoretical exam, this remains valid for 3 years. For the practical exam there is a different validity, after you have passed on your manoeuvres this also remains valid for only 1 year. If you have then failed on the public road, you will also have to retake your manoeuvres.

Get driving licence G through PVL?
If you want to obtain driving licence G through PVL, you are required to take driving lessons before you can take the exam. PVL will also accompany you to the exam centre on the day you will have to take the exam.

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